Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guns in bars and parks?!?!?!

Okay I seriously can not take it anymore. Our state is at an all time high 10% unemployment rate, we are seeing a mass property tax shortfall due to the economy, and our state goverment has spent two months working on these bills:

* Bill passed to allow guns in bars
* Bill passed by the House to allow guns in parks
* Bill to allow wine to cross state lines
* Bill to designate milk as official state beverage
* Bill to bring distilleries to more counties

This is insane!!! So basically I can now go to a park or a bar with my AK and not have to worry someone is gonna piss me off and make me leave. Let me tell you I think this is grand. I plan on taking Mosey to the park today and let me tell you if  she and little "Sally" have any issues her mama and I are gonna be talking at the end of my shotgun barrel. REALLY?!?!

I do think the milk as the state drink is odd. I mean come on we make Jack Daniels here. Who are we fooling? It is obvious the milk is a cover up for what is really going on around here.

Well I think we are off to the park. First a stop at the liquor store for some "milk", a stop at the hunting section for some shotgun shells, and then off for a FUN filled day in the sun.


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Ace said...

Nice. Glad I live here now.

Have you entered my giveaway yet?

pam said...

Strange indeed. I am glad your State supports the dairy industry though!