Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It must be magic

Okay so I am kind of a TV bitch because I never and I mean NEVER get to watch what I want. So, on the rare occassion I do get to have it I usually use it as a torcher object for my husband. This evening for example I surfed over to 18 Kids and Counting on TLC. I have been using this show as my latest torcher tool and at first it was a little difficult and disturbing for me to watch so I knew it had to be working but now I am sucked in. These people are semi-psycho but I think they have it figured out. I was laying on the couch thinking how I would never have the energy for that many children (I tire easily with one) but if you watch closely it is a total buddy system. All the kids do all of the house work; cooking, cleaning, laundry, and caring for someone younger then them. THESE PEOPLE ARE GENIUS!!! I think I am going to head to the bedroom and get to working on my Molly Maid crew.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Daddy daycare

I work on Saturdays with my parents and I have very quickly come to the conclusion that when mommy is away life is chaos! So this Saturday I left for work at 9:30 and was home by 3:30. A total of 6 hours which in my opinion is not that long nor should it be THAT damn difficult. I wanted to share with all of you the joy I came home to...

Not only is she running around in a pull-up and it's cold outside she is wearing a shirt that is way to small and oh wait, check that out a KOOL-AID mustache. I go to the grocery store for juice boxes and shell out for the good ones with no sugar and she gets KOOL-AID? WHAT THE HELL!! I should of included the picture of my husband sprawled out on the couch with the living room covered in her toys and my dishes but I was afraid I may throw the camera at him. Just for reference this is what Mosey looks like when M.D. gets home after a day with her mother.

Oh I have to love him anyways! He's funny because he knows I am mad and he just sits there with this grin on his face like I know I am capable of more but who cares. This is probably why when M.D. leaves for work she cries and when I go she shuts the door on me.

Friday, March 27, 2009

For an amazing dog friend

Very sadly today my dad had to put our dog Grace to sleep. She was a pit bull mix and the sweetest baby in the world to us. I found her at the pound 5 years ago and you knew instantly she was a survivor. Her true upbringing got the best of her in the end and she attacked another dog this evening and in doing the right thing my dad put her down. Which was awful all in its own cause he loved her so much and was walking her when it happened. I know she is in a place now where she doesn't ever have to be tough or angry again. I am an avid animal rights supporter and this just goes to show you that the damage is done to an animal in such a short amount of time. She was an amazing dog and will truly be missed by all of us!

It truly is just one of those things...

I was sitting this morning watching the news listening to all the day to day garbage that is this economy right now and it got me thinking. It has been right at 6 months since both I and my husband got laid off. Maybe thought for the day...The plumbing industry is not a good industry to share when the economy starts to go south. I was working at a plumbing wholesaler as the branch ops manager and my husband was at a large plumbing company in town over new construction. I knew mine was coming they closed my whole branch but when exactly 1 week to the day of mine I come walking in the door to find my husband standing in our kitchen and he has that look of sheer terror on his face I knew it wasn't good. After a bit of "my butt is stuck to the couch"-itis he found a wonderful job and it has been a blessing. I on the other hand have found nothing (and I am okay with that). I work 2 days during the week and on Saturdays for my parents who own a restaurant. The other 4 days I am getting to spend amazing time at home with my girl. A SAHM always held a stigma for me and I thought I would go crazy. I could never do it. Who knew I would love it. I have been given a creative outlet and a chance to make up for the time I lost with my angel. Don't get me wrong this has been a very hard time for us and it isn't getting much easier anytime soon but I think in the end we will look back at it as a good thing.

So I guess the true lesson for the day is to quit watching the news. It tends to piss me off a little bit and I don't like having to blog pissed off.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can we say love...

So this morning is one of my days during the week I work and one of the two days my princess goes to school. I came by my mom and dads for a little bit and found some awesome pics they had on there computer. I miss my little baby (but my toddler is pretty awesome too).

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well goodmorning...

First off today is my adorable husbands 27th birthday, so happy birthday honey!!!

I was gonna start this morning with some of my new craft things but I must digress. I got up and headed downstairs this morning to grab my first diet coke of the day and what to my still kind of sleeping eyes do I see? A GIANT mouse just laying nice and dead at my front door. Never one to fly in to hysterics I calmly went upstairs, informed my husband it was there for his removal, and wished him a happy birthday. In my greatest of imaginations and truths I am assuming our dog Maggie brought it to my husband for his birthday. She truly is a dear dog.

Now on to what I was really going to talk about. I am a new craft junkie and I love it!! I am learning to sew but I have also taken to making hair bows, tutus, and flip-flops. I am still very new with it but I have not been able to find something that can be all mine since entering into this adventure (which is okay) and this is really working for me. I am by no means a crafty person. I draw just like my child but these seem to be easy enough for me.
Here are some pics of my newest stuff.

Let me know what you think. I am always open to suggestions and critiques.

Monday, March 23, 2009

On your mark, get set, and now what?

I am a huge undecover blog reader. This whole community kind of blows my mind. I find myself inspired, humored, and sometimes humbled by the blogs I read and am forever grateful to those people who wrote and let me in to there lives. I find myself thinking that some of these individuals have to be super human and then realize they aren't and I could at the very least give this a shot. I don't know that my daily coming and goings will ever inspire or humble anyone but I can promise humor. My family isn't lacking in that catagory.
So I guess when I hit this LARGE orange button I am taking the plunge and not looking back. Here goes nothing...