Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally Friday

Geez this week has been a long one. I had a 24 hour bug yesterday which was just way more fun then y'all want to know about. I think this week drug by because this weekend is going to be amazing and we have so many fun things we are going to do. It is main street festival in our downtown this weekend so we are gonna go Saturday and then Sunday we are going to the zoo. I am so excited. I know Mosey is going to go crazy over it. So I don't have a whole lot new so I will fill this blog with some silly Mosey stories from the week.

I truly belive she might have munchausen syndrome (okay not truly but it is quite funny). She is always talking about these "boo boos" she has. This morning she is walking around with two huge band-aids on her arms because she SAYS her friend at school bit her. Trust me there is nothing wrong with her. I guess it must be an obsession with the band-aids cause let me tell you that child is a tank. She runs into walls and falls down and just keeps on going.
She also spent a day this week insisting she needed to wear my hat. We have 500 hats in this house but it had to be the one on my head! Cause she really wanted to just laugh at my hair I am pretty sure.
I think this might be my favorite picture from this week. She is suppose to be taking a nap but the dog decided she wanted to take a nap and Mosey had to move to the other side of her bed.
Sorry all the pictures this week were from my phone and they are pretty grainy. Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!!

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CenzLuccsMom said...

I hope you are feeling better!! I was cracking up when I read about the boo boos, we have been having similar issues at our house. One of my latest post was even titled "boo boos". the boys had actually gotten hurt at various times last week, but then it turned into talking about boo boos constantly and became a whole tale of fake ouchies!

Gotta love em'!!!