Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It must be magic

Okay so I am kind of a TV bitch because I never and I mean NEVER get to watch what I want. So, on the rare occassion I do get to have it I usually use it as a torcher object for my husband. This evening for example I surfed over to 18 Kids and Counting on TLC. I have been using this show as my latest torcher tool and at first it was a little difficult and disturbing for me to watch so I knew it had to be working but now I am sucked in. These people are semi-psycho but I think they have it figured out. I was laying on the couch thinking how I would never have the energy for that many children (I tire easily with one) but if you watch closely it is a total buddy system. All the kids do all of the house work; cooking, cleaning, laundry, and caring for someone younger then them. THESE PEOPLE ARE GENIUS!!! I think I am going to head to the bedroom and get to working on my Molly Maid crew.

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