Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well goodmorning...

First off today is my adorable husbands 27th birthday, so happy birthday honey!!!

I was gonna start this morning with some of my new craft things but I must digress. I got up and headed downstairs this morning to grab my first diet coke of the day and what to my still kind of sleeping eyes do I see? A GIANT mouse just laying nice and dead at my front door. Never one to fly in to hysterics I calmly went upstairs, informed my husband it was there for his removal, and wished him a happy birthday. In my greatest of imaginations and truths I am assuming our dog Maggie brought it to my husband for his birthday. She truly is a dear dog.

Now on to what I was really going to talk about. I am a new craft junkie and I love it!! I am learning to sew but I have also taken to making hair bows, tutus, and flip-flops. I am still very new with it but I have not been able to find something that can be all mine since entering into this adventure (which is okay) and this is really working for me. I am by no means a crafty person. I draw just like my child but these seem to be easy enough for me.
Here are some pics of my newest stuff.

Let me know what you think. I am always open to suggestions and critiques.

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...The Obnoxious SAHM.... said...

I think its all so pretty. You should take a picture of the dead mouse next time and post it. LOL ha!

welcome to MBC! Obnoxious SAHM :)