Friday, March 27, 2009

It truly is just one of those things...

I was sitting this morning watching the news listening to all the day to day garbage that is this economy right now and it got me thinking. It has been right at 6 months since both I and my husband got laid off. Maybe thought for the day...The plumbing industry is not a good industry to share when the economy starts to go south. I was working at a plumbing wholesaler as the branch ops manager and my husband was at a large plumbing company in town over new construction. I knew mine was coming they closed my whole branch but when exactly 1 week to the day of mine I come walking in the door to find my husband standing in our kitchen and he has that look of sheer terror on his face I knew it wasn't good. After a bit of "my butt is stuck to the couch"-itis he found a wonderful job and it has been a blessing. I on the other hand have found nothing (and I am okay with that). I work 2 days during the week and on Saturdays for my parents who own a restaurant. The other 4 days I am getting to spend amazing time at home with my girl. A SAHM always held a stigma for me and I thought I would go crazy. I could never do it. Who knew I would love it. I have been given a creative outlet and a chance to make up for the time I lost with my angel. Don't get me wrong this has been a very hard time for us and it isn't getting much easier anytime soon but I think in the end we will look back at it as a good thing.

So I guess the true lesson for the day is to quit watching the news. It tends to piss me off a little bit and I don't like having to blog pissed off.

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