Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday TV and my reality on Jon and Kate

Apparently the tv Gods got together and decided to make Monday the day my DVR runneth over with good stuff. Well last night I got a little gift and instead of having to watch everything from last night today M.D. was tired and went to bed at 7:30!?!? I was shocked but cool with it.

I started the evening with the Bachlorette. I actually really like Jillian and I hope she finds someone. None the less though it is still filled with a bunch of wonderful crap!! My front runners are:
Who I belive is not to perfect and just oh so hottie! I do not think she will pick him and I do think he will be the next bachlor we are watching women make total tools out of themselves over.
He is my favorite. His personality is just awesome and he is freaking hot! I have a long history with men named Michael. I think they all have a crazy power over me. Once again though Jillian will not pick him either.
I am pretty sure she will end up with him. Everytime she looks at him she gets this stupid puppy dog look in her eyes and she has to makeout with him. He is ehh for me but I don't have to live with him.
So after my 2 hours of the Bachlorette I moved on to John and Kate plus 8. We all know how much I love this show.  Last night I was ready with an open mind and heart to see something that I actually liked and after those 30 mins that I use to love so much I have made a MAJOR decision. I am no longer gonna watch John and Kate. I just can't stomach it anymore. If they were working on there marriage and trying to make things better then I would say okay but it is just completly fake now. They have built an empire based on those children. Kate is constantly on. She is snippy at those poor kids and John is nothing but a bump in the way at this point. John isn't much better he runs off any chance he gets he just doesn't drag the kids along. It really is sad and so with that I must bid a farewell to John and Kate because truly you are two very selfish individuals and as a real parent I can no longer stomach the way you choose to parent.
The way they were
The way they are now
I ended my evening with my FAVORITE show. Which is semi bi-polar on my part being as I just quit Jon and Kate for crap parenting but whatever.
I love Weeds and this season is fabulous. I love my drug dealing mama turned semi I have a concious Nancy. She makes me laugh and think about what a life it must be to run tango with the Mexican drug cartel. Okay no not really I know they are bad bad people but we have to have our risky dreams. If you don't watch it and are not a fan of 30 minutes of raunchyness then skip it. But if you are in need of a little raunchy put those kiddos to bed and tune in to my guilty pleasure.

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GypsyFox said...

hunky guys :) I use to watch the Bachelorette..LOL & why is it that fame provokes infedilty..although if it's in him to cheat, it's in him no matter what, makes me sad though! I LOVE Weeds!