Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh did you marry your babys daddy?

FYI: I am going to make this a two part post so look for the ending tomorrow.

I wish I could say I have only heard this once but alas I hang my head in shame for these people and must admit I have heard it a bazillion times. I think today I will take you all for a litte trip down memory lane and hope all the people who truly feel the need to say that (which I have taylored my response to be "shoot bitch I ain't seen that lazy mofo in like two months I married my new baby daddy. If you see my old baby daddy have that ass hole call me he owes big mama some money.") read this post. Maybe I will print it off and hand it out.

So our tale starts a long time ago in a land far far away (in our hometown 10 minutes away from our new town). M.D. and I met in highschool. Please don't cue the awwws just yet. We were best buds forever. He dated a lovely girl for 6 years (and by lovely I mean a very crazy scary could kick my ass from here to next week). So needless to say I didn't want to try and poke through that force field. Well we all went away to college and would all meet back up on breaks and what not. I started dating my soul mate (NOT) just as M.D. broke up with sweet lovely girl. Not good timing. Well two years later we reconnected one night out with old friends. I knew then it was our turn. We dated off and on cause I was a player or whatever. Finally we committed and talked the M word.

So one very fateful evening we were out having a beer with friends and I looked at my dear friend and said has aunt flow visited you yet and she says yes she just left and all of a sudden my stomach sank because I knew. I was working for my parents full time managing there restaurant and so M.D. picked me up there Sunday and we took a pregnancy test and it said YES. I almost fell over and was waiting for M.D. to look at me and be like "oh hell no" but no, you know what he said. We are gonna have a baby that is awesome. WTF...Really? Why aren't you running? He didn't run because he really did love me. We told my mom the next night and she didn't lose it which was good but she did insist on telling my dad who was thrilled. M.D. and I were 22 and 23 at the time this all happened so we were plenty old enough to take responsibility. We both had great jobs and were stable and I think our parents knew that.
The doctors appointments started and we found out I was due November 7th. M.D. was amazing through the whole thing. I was still living at my parents and was so crazy hormonial and he came every single night and hung out. I started chilling about month 4  and we really started to enjoy being pregnant. We went for our ultra sound appointment to find out what we were having and we both cried when she said it was a girl. Then she said "Let me show this to a doctor really quick". My heart sank I knew something had to be wrong. I met with a doctor who wasn't my regular and she very abruptly and quickly said you have lost 80% of the fluid in your amniotic sak and we need you on bed rest till further notice. She then hurried out and left us with open mouths and no answeres. We met with my doctor that following Monday and she said to drink lots of fluids, stay in bed, and she would check me in two weeks. Those were the longest two weeks of my life. We went back in and all was well. I could return to work 3 hours a day if I sat on a stool and only rang customers out. Well this is kind of where all the baby daddy marriage questions come in. The restaurant my parents have is very family oriented and everyone kind  of feels like they are family so of course they all knew M.D. and I's story. Well when we found out we were pregnant we wanted to focus on a baby and add marriage later.

The rest of my pregnancy was pretty easy going except for swelling like a large
water balloon. M.D. and I bought a townhouse and moved in together which was wonderful. I was taking things easy and we were enjoying all our time with friends and family.
I was going to the doctors 3 times a week for fetal monitoring and urine samples. Finally on October 26th my doctor said "it is time for us to take her". I was getting pretty sick and it was going to affect the baby. So on Friday October 27th 2006 we went in to be induced. In all sense of the word we were ready. The room was done, the clothes were washed, the house was spotless, even the carseats had been installed by a professional. They started me on a pitocin drip and after about 3 hours broke my water. My labor pains were awful but I wasn't diolating past a two. I got my epidural and the angels sang. We hung out, lots of friends and family came and went, we took naps and talked the doctor every hour. Finally after about 11 hours of labor all my monitors started going off. My nurse and doctor came in and said you are having a c-section now. I was hysterical M.D. was downstairs with his brother and this was not my plan. within 20 minutes we made it to the operating room (with M.D. thank God) and had a beautiful 6lb. 2oz baby girl.
To be continued tomorrow...


GypsyFox said...

awww what a wonderful story!!! I love how you compiled this story! :) you have a beautiful family!!

Mama Kat said...

I can't believe people would ask you if you married the baby's daddy. That is so ghetto...or white trash...whichever.

But seriously.

Did you marry the baby's daddy?

Veronica Lee said...

Awwwwww. This is such a sweet story and what a beautiful family!

Whitney said...

LOL! They don't read your blog, then, do they...It says right there that you are married...but OMG! who cares? I mean really...

btw, if I see old baby daddy I'll have that ass hole call you since he owes big mama some money...