Thursday, May 7, 2009

Craft junky crack

Okay so let me just start out by how much I love love love my Aunt Pam. She is my dads sister and she and I have so much in common. She is also a lover of all things crafty which my mother is not so it is nice having someone to share it with. Sadly though she lives in Florida so we share ideas by phone and she will be here in June and we plan on going craft store crazy. I  will probably be in a fabric coma. Anyways, her being the amazing person she is I get a box from her yesterday. A HUGE box from her...

Inside were tons of clothes and shoes for Mosey. Which she has clothed my child since she was born and I will never be able to show my full gratitude for that.
There were some pink disney princess boots but I am pretty sure Mosey slept in them. LOL
Well also in side this box were about 100 spools of ribbon. I went into overload. I think I almost passed out from excitement.
Oh the things I will make. I do have one very SMALL issue. My craft "room" is actually my dinning room. I have begun to use the chairs as my basket holders such as drawers on a nice craft table. I also have to have a changing of the guards when I go from sewing to making bows and flip-flops. I thought I would share some pictures (which is a little hard for me) but please beware. I am mortified at its disorganization but damn a girl needs her space. As you will see later in my post I don't have much space of my own anywhere.
Yes I know what you are saying. No, we don't eat alot of quality family meals at that table. M.D. is dear enough not to gripe at all about it. He knows I love doing it and it means he can watch as many baseball games in the evenings as he wants. I still lay down and wish everynight for the magic craft fairy to bring me a magic craft room all of my own.

So this brings me to my last bit of my own space. Mosey began sleeping with us when she was about 6 months old cause I was so tired from getting up with her in the middle of the night and then getting up for work at 4am that after trying a couple of diffrent things I realized she slept best in bed with us. IT WAS ONLY TEMPORARY THOUGH!!!
Fast forward to Mosey being 2 and a half years old and what I am stuck with now.
Oh yes that is my side of the bed as well. We have tried everything to get her in to her own big girl bed but she ends up in ours before morning. I know I did this to my self and you know what I don't regret it for a second. Sometimes when I was working it was some of the only time I got to spend with her. Now I spend tons of time with her. LOL Maybe I will turn her room into my craft room and we can all just be one big happy family in our bed with a nice dinning room downstairs.


beccad said...

It's good to know that my dinning room looks just like that. I just got a sewing/embroidery machine and I'm in heaven. My bow stuff was already all over the place and now I am acquiring more with fabric everywhere. Thanks for sharing the pictures because now I don't feel so bad, ha :).

Ashley said...

All that ribbon would make me want to hyperventilate! You make flip flops? I would love to see!