Friday, July 3, 2009

Just over it..

I am having a major bite my tongue moment this week and to avoid probably serving jail time I am just gonna put it out on here. I will leave individuals nameless and they can feel free to stay spineless in there own corners this way.
 I was the first in our family and I am the first of all my friends to have a baby. There were few things I knew about being a mom before I actually had that angel and as most of us know until you have one you don't know. She is my princess. She makes everything right when everything is going wrong. I didn't know unconditional love until her and I thought I did.

First off if you are not a parent yet you can not say a word to a mother about anything CAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING YET!!!! Not to pat myself on the back at all but I don't think I am to bad of a mom. Mosey makes my job very easy but I think I do very well. Every decision I make in my life I think about her first. She will never be in a situation that I think is bad for her. She will also be allowed to be an individual and not be sheltered from the world. My thoughts and opinions will never have to be her thoghts and opinions.

The decisions I make for my child are educated and well informed. I did research and interviews befor I picked her pediatrician and I trust him totally. We have these men and women who are highly educated and informed beyond my realm of thinking and so we trust them with our children to help guide us in the right direction. I 100% decided to have my baby vaccinated. Until the day my childs doctor looks at me and says not today Mrs.D this is a bad idea and it could hurt her. I will trust them in knowing that it is a wonderful thing and she will never have to know the awful things she is being protected against.

The daycare my child is in 2 days a week is wonderful. When I worked full time and had to leave her at 3 months old I knew it was gonna be okay because she was there. They have always been open and honest with us and we have never wondered about anything. If they tell me it is okay to bring my baby to school then she is going because she loves it. She thrives on that social interaction. Friends and peers are wonderful for them at this age.

I am just going to say (because I could go on for days) that I am a mom and as a mom don't ever and I mean ever tell me or someone I know that I am not a good parent. I will kill for my child and am very willing to shut anyone up who wants to think I won't. She is in every breath I take and there are days that I take the easy route and we order pizza or we skip a bath and go to bed early. Some nights we stay up late playing and some we follow our routine to the fullest. I drag her every where with me cause she wants to go. She is my baby and my buddy. She truly is my world and I dare anyone that would like to cross me or M.D. for that matter on our decisions for her and see what happens.


dwooldr said...

Way to hold your tongue. I aggree that the one trait that is making me a better mother is flexibility.

Sharon said...

Good for you. Go into "mama bear" mode when it comes to your child.

Telling other people how to parent their child is just a no-no in my book. Just "don't go there....."

You are doing the right thing!

Found you via MBC and am now following! :)

Xenia said...

I can't believe anyone would ever dare tell a mother that she isn't a good parent. Good for you for speaking up!

Following you from MBC...